Vision and Goals - CNSST Foundation

CNSST Strategy 2018 / 2028

Long Term Strategic Vision for 2028:
By 2028 CNSST Foundation aims to have become “CNSST Group”, a successful social enterprise providing social services, education and housing services to Asian migrants and the wider community. CNSST Group will fully empower its clients to positively participate in and contribute to the social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of New Zealand society.

Short Term Strategic Goals for 2018:

Strategic Goal 1:  Performance that excels in our social services arm
To act as a bridge between the Asian and wider communities by providing our professional community services with unique niche focused and holistic approaches to the Asian migrant communities, in order to facilitate the successful integration of Asian newcomers into the wider community and to enable them to contribute sooner to New Zealand society.

Strategic Goal 2:  Progress in development of our education arm
To further develop CNSST’s educational projects, such as establishing CNSST Education Institute as a tier one PTE, and developing CNSST Cultural Learning Centre as a leader of Chinese language teaching & cultural education for local children & young people, while initiating new training programmes at CNSST accounting centre.

Strategic Goal 3:  Practice ongoing improvement in our social housing arm
To develop further social rental housing projects for local Asian seniors and also re-invest our housing surpluses back into the social rental housing for the long term to meet the increased housing, social and cultural demands. To develop and consolidate a mature and sophisticated operation and monitoring system.

Strategic Goal 4:  Partnership with network organisations
To enhance and work collaboratively with other organisations to establish a solid and cohesive Asian Community Hub to serve Asian and the wider community.

Strategic Goal 5:  Profitable in social enterprise innovation
To continue initiating new social projects in order to fulfil our mission and market gaps. At the same time, to establish an effective monitoring system to ensure the projects run smoothly and sustainably in the long term.

Strategic Goal 6:  Professionalism & well-being of CNSST Foundation’s teams
To implement a standardized performance management and reporting system for all staff and to enhance their executive ability and professional development through professional training, team building and a committed management team.