“Unite Against Covid-19”– CNSST Service Response System Launches

March 28, 2020


“Unite Against Covid-19”– CNSST Service Response System Launches
“守望的天空”– 华社服基金会新冠病毒抗疫服务系统启动

As the Covid-19 situation is changing rapidly, the New Zealand Government has announced a Level 4 National Alert and Lockdown. In response to this, the CNSST Foundation team have planned and worked hard to get prepared for “Unite Against Covid-19” CNSST Service Response System. From today we are officially launching the response system under the theme “Unite Against Covid-19”. During these especially difficult times, with the community’s health and safety as our top priority, CNSST will unite and work together with you to provide our essential and responsive services. Through our mutual support and collaboration, we will get through these dark times and on to brighter days. The detailed services are in five categories as follows:

1. Important Information Update (Please contact Gloria 021 990 082):
Our team will follow up with different government sectors, and provide the community with a weekly combined list of important guidelines and links to the various government sectors. This will be updated every Saturday. Please access this weekly publishing on the CNSST Wechat and Website. 

• CNSST Wechat Account: CNSST-NZ-2014
• CNSST Website: www.cnsst.org.nz

2. Online Education:
CNSST Foundation have successfully set up an online educational system to ensure the continuation and accessibility of our educational options for our community. The comprehensive package of online education includes Tai Chi wellbeing courses, tertiary education, children and youth Chinese and other subjects, cultural education, online parenting courses, and online mental health courses. The professional and accredited trainers and teachers from CNSST Foundation are committed to ensure a high quality of education. Please feel free to make enquiries:

(1) Online Senior Tai Chi Wellbeing Courses (Please contact Jojo 021 760 399)
Provided by CNSST Kung Fu World with the support from Auckland Wushu Association. This is a free online Tai chi course, targeting the seniors aged 60 or more of any ethnicity, with the aim of improving their health and wellbeing during the lockdown period.

(2) Online Adult English Courses (Please contact James 021 760 528)
Provided by NZQA accredited CNSST Education Institute, MOE No: 7158. Available courses from beginning to intermediate level English courses. No matter if you are a  newcomer or a migrant of long standing, as long as you are currently living in Auckland, we will have a suitable course for you to continue your study.

(3) Online Chinese Cultural Competency Programme (Please contact Cathy 021 760 998)
Provided by NZQA accredited CNSST Education Institute, MOE No: 7158. The CCC programme targets non-native speakers, and  enables learners to understand the Chinese culture and acquire basic language skills for their engaged industries. It has successfully been delivered to classes from Auckland District Police, Counties Manukau Police and Waitemata District Police, receiving very positive feedback and the appreciation of those officers who participated.

(4) Online Children and Youth Chinese and Other Subjects’ Learning(Please contact Jojo 021 760 399 or Lucy 021 760 596)
Provided by the Chinese Language Teaching Model School CNSST Cultural Learning Centre. Subjects available: Chinese, Mathematics, Chinese Martials Arts, etc. All After-school programmes are available online and will continue through the school holidays.

(5) Online Employment and Enterprise Courses
Provided by the CNSST Employment and Enterprise Team(Charities Commission No. 24999 and CNSST Accounting Training Centre (ATE No: 2082228)
A. Online career planning, CV and Interview Training (Please contact Alex 021 760 586)
B. Online Accounting Training Courses:MYOB and XERO courses are both available, educated by accredited and licensed trainers (Please contact Connie 021 808068)

(6) Online Mental Health Courses (Please contact Jiajia 021 760 591)
Provided by the CNSST Social Work and Counselling Team with a registered social worker or counsellor. Course content includes mental health, stress management, family relationships, etc.

(7) Online Parenting or New Mums Health and Nutrition courses (Please contact Fangfang 021 760 121)
Provided by the CNSST Social Work and Counselling Team with NZ registered health professionals and dietitians. Course content includes parenting skills, grand-parenting skills, communication skills, stress management, physical and mental health, nutrition, and physical activities.

3. Online One-to-One Consultation and follow up support services:

(1) Immigration, Visa, and Translation Consultation and Services (Provided by a CNSST Licensed Immigration Advisor. Please contact Rachel 0222 760 582)
(2) Employment and Enterprise Consultation and Services
A. Wage Subsidy Application- Information Support (Please contact Scott 021 760 583)
B. Essential Workers Employment Support (Please contact Alex 021 760 586)
(3) Social Isolation and Mental Health Consultation and Services (Provided by CNSST Social Work and Counselling Team. Please contact Jiajia 021 760 591)
(4) Family Violence Response Services – Consultation and Services (Provided by CNSST Social Work and Counselling Team. Please contact Hanying 021 760 581)
We provide family-centred wrap-around support services in confidence.
(5) Newcomers’ Settlement Information Consultation and Services (Provided by CNSST Newcomers’ Settlement Services. Please contact Brian 021 760 818)
This is for newcomers in Auckland, new Permanent Residents for less than 2 years, or recently graduated international students. We provide information, consultation and wrap-around support services through your settlement or transitional stages.

4. Multi-language Support Services:
CNSST Foundation team have multi-lingual professional workforce. In this special period, we are committed to offer multi-language support to assist your communication for emergencies or important matters.
English: Jay Acton: 021 276 0555
Greek & Mongolian: Peter Le Baige: 022 276 0581
Mandarin & Cantonese: Rachel Huang: 022 276 0582
Shanghainese: Jiajia Ma: 021 760 591
Korean: John Jung: 022 276 0580
Malay, Hokkien & Hakka: Magdalene Tan: 021 760 589

5. General inquiries:

Telephone: 09-5701188
Email: info@cnsst.org.nz 
Website: www.cnsst.org.nz

Dear Stakeholders, in this special time, CNSST Foundation is always here to provide services and support for you. In terms of this “Unite Against Covid-19” CNSST Service Response System, should you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact Jenny WANG QSM, Executive Director at 021 760 582 or email to:

“Be Strong! Be Kind! And we’ll be fine!”
Wishing you and your family safety and health!